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Biometric fingerprint/RFID/HID door access system

Face recognition,fingerprint door access security system products

Datamine is Singapore leading biometric door access system, fingerprint door access system, face recognition door access system, proximity card/RFID card/HID card/Mifare card door access system supplier. Datamine provide high quality and reliable of door access system accessories with door access installation. Also we supply finger vein door access system, IRIS scan door access system. For biometric door access reader come with fingerprint scanner, RFID card and PIN number access for each employees verification.

Biometric door access system can be used as a standalone door access system or network based door access system. Fingerprint door access system can be integrated with desktop based time attendance system and ONLINE time attendance software. Face recognition door access system with time attendance software able to generate employees IN/OUT details. If the door access reader not connected with network, use USB thump drive to download employee’s time IN/OUT.

Fingerprint door access system allowed employees to register ten fingers. For face recognition door access reader come with fingerprint scanner and RFID/Mifare card module. All the biometric door access readers come with TCP/IP network and USB port. Biometric door access machine can be added the HID card module or Ez link card module.

Biometric fingerprint door access system allowed to link with EM lock, emergency break glass, push exit button, bypass key switch, power backup battery. Also available to choose wooden door or glass door brackets. We do have 3A or 5A power supply for door access system. We supply and install the door access system with EBELCO and ZK products door access accessories. Biometric fingerprint door access system come with reasonable installation cost.

Please call us or email to us for biometric fingerprint/facial/RFID door access system details.

Face recognition door access control system

iFace700 face Door access

VF780 face door access

FV200 vein Door access

iFace 700 is singapore cheap face recognition door access system. Singpore economic door access system provider.

VF780 is singapore economic face recognition door access control system. Singpore cheap door access security system.

FV200 is singapore finger vein door access system. Use finger vien for door access.

Biometric fingerprint door access system

F18 biometric Door access

TF1700 fingerprint outDoor access

F7 finger scan Access Control

F18 biometric fingerptin door access system is one of the singapore cheap bometric door access control system. Come with proximity door access.

TF1700 biometric outdoor door access system, One of the world's smallest IP-based fingerprint door access control in singapore.

F7 is a widely used door Access Control in singapore. We do have facial and finger vein door access system.

Biometric fingerprint/face recognition door access security system

F21 biometric Door access security terminal

SC405 RFID Door access terminal

SilkBio 101TC facial door access

F21 Latest bometric door access security controller. Come with SILKID fingerprint scanner for wet, dry fingerprints. Fast fingerprint scanner with ID card function.

SC405 is Latest RFID/Proximity color door access control system. Come with color screen and multiple ID card (EM card, HID card, Mi-fare card) reader.

SilkBio 101TC is latest face recognition machine with fingerprint door access security system. Also come with RFID reader. Latest camera with Smart IR function.

Multibio 800 face recognition door access

Door access accessories

Multibio 800 face/finger print recognition time recorder with door access system. Singapore best face recognition reader.

Door access accessories such as EM lock, Break glass, exit button, power backup battery, glass, wooden door bracket and power supply 3A/5A.

Proximity card/HID card Door Access Control System

BS005 RFID Door Access Control

X7 Biometric fingerprint Door Access

SC700 Proximity Door access Terminal

Singapore cheap proximity card door access system. We have biometric door access system, face recognition door access system

X7 singapore entry level biometric/proximity door access conttrol system, X7 is fingerprint door access system, come with TMS and payroll

SC700 proximity door access controller system
singapore most reliable and cheap.

ID card Printers

Zenius Printer

Primacy Printer

Pebble 4 Printer

Tattoo2 Printer

Low volume high quality ID card printer. It’s come with ID card design software and PVC white cards.

Medium volume PVC ID card printer and proximity card printers. Also we provide reasonable supplies and PVC cards.

Discontinued medium range ID card printer. Come with Emedia design software and YMCKO color ribbon.

Discontinued low volume ID card printer. Its entry level ID printer. We supplies all type ID card printer ribbon, PVC card, magnetic strip card and RFID cards.

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