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Evolis Primacy ID card Printer

Evolis primacy Single/double Side ID Card/staff card Printer singapore

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Datamine is Singapore cost effective ID card printer solution provider. We have cheap and economic ID card printers such as Pebble4 ID card printer, Tatto2 ID card printer, Zenius ID card printer, and Primacy ID card printer to choose within your budget. We supply full range of ID card printer consumable. We have cheap ID card printer color ribbon (YMCKO), monochrome ribbon, PVC card and For ID card printer demo and ID card printing service call or email to us.

Extremely fast, powerful and efficient

Primacy is available in single and dual-sided versions and is the ideal choice for printing and encoding cards in medium and large runs. Using advanced encoding technologies, this deskop printer is the best solution for issuing personalized cards, from the most simple to the most secure.

Enhanced productivity

Primacy is perfect for printing large runs because it personalizes color cards in record time: up to 225 cards per hour for single-sided printing and 140 cards per hour for dual-sided. You save time and increase productivity.

Professional printing

Primacy printers feature 300 dpi photographic resolution and edge to edge printing for optimum print quality. Your cards convey a professional image of your organization.

Ease of Use

The card feeder and output tray are directly accessible on the front of the printer, so you can check the cards as they come out.•With the Evolis Premium Suite® software you can receive notifications and easily control the printer from your computer.•Evolis High Trust® ribbons are easy to install and automatically recognized by the printer.

High capacity

The large capacity card feeder and output tray hold 100 cards - so you don’t have to refill the printer as often. Primacy offers high capacity in a compact footprint.


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Printer Supplies

Primacy ID Printer YMCKO Color ribbon cassette

Primacy YMCKO Ribbon

YMCKO Printer color ribbon for the Evolis primacy ID Card Printers. 300prints per roll.


Evolis Primacy Black Monochrome Ribbon

Primacy black monochrome ribbon

Evolis Black Monochrome Ribbon for Evolis Primacy ID card Printers. 1000prints per roll

ID card printer accessories

ID card printing accessories
Magnetic Strip PVC card

Datamine have all type of PVC cards, Magnetic strip card, Thin proximity card and RFID cards. We are sale all ID card printers consumable at cheap price. Also we do ID card printing service.

PVC ID cards:

10mil PVC Cards
20mil PVC Cards
30mil PVC Cards
Color 30mil Cards
HiCo 30mil Cards
LoCO 30mil Cards
Proximity ID cards
RFID cards

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