Is your office currently networked? Datamine network solutions can assist you in small business network design and implementation of your small business network, phone and IT related infrastructure setup in Singapore.

Datamine do small office network setup and temporary site office setup. Office network setup is easing computer file sharing, data storage, file backup and printer sharing. Small office setup is inexpensive and offer tremendous benefits such as:

  • Sharing Printers: Save money by buying just a couple of printers that everyone can share.

  • File Sharing: Setting up file server or NAS server provide a central location for your company critical data to allow multiple users use it and make data backup and restore much easier and more reliable.

  • Security:can be set up to ensure that sensitive data is protected. A secured, locked-up network server is much safer than a desktop computer for storing sensitive data like payroll and accounting records. Any PC that can be physically touched can be compromised. Storing all of the critical data on a server takes the sensitive data off the desktop PCs.

  • Internet Access:Networked computers can be accessed the internet, email and VPN connection to remote office. VPN allows to communicate each other branches and data sharing.
  • Data Backup: All of your critical business files can be backed up from any computer at any time, ensuring that if you have any systems breakdown, your important files can be restored quickly and easily.

  • You can have your office computers connected to the network via normal wired network cable, and those on the move can have their laptops accessing the network/internet via wireless network cards already embedded into their laptops. Every computer and laptop can easily access the network printers at any time, thus reducing the amount of printers required in your office.

    Watch the productivity levels in your office grow when everyone can perform their tasks in a more professional time frame, without having their work flow interrupted by colleagues who also require access to files on the main computer.

    Another important advantage of having a safe and secure network implemented is that you can then have all of your user's critical data stored on the server, instead of their individual machine. This data can then be included in a daily backup routine managed from the server, which takes place automatically during non-core business hours. File permissions can be granted on a per-user basis i.e. only management staff has access to sensitive files such as salaries and confidential business files.

    To learn more about how you can make your small office more productive and secure, and enjoy the benefits of data security and backup, contact DATAMINE Network Solutions today, and allow us to make your complete small office network setup.