Panic alarm system is to allow a person under emergency to quickly and silently call for help by local security or police. Panic alarm system are also called as “Duress alarm system”.

Duress alarm system used for unsafe or uncomfortable to call for help. Panic alarm can provide a quick and convenient way to someone help without drawing attention.

Panic/Duress alarm system consist of several components. Its come with main control panel and mimic panel. All the panic buttons connected with main control panel and send the signal to main panel while pressed the duress button. Immediately trigger the mimic panel location light and audible buzzer also warning strobe light. Mimic panel come with audio by-pass key.

Datamine provide all type of panic/duress alarm system for may emergency help required working place. We done many for Singapore MSF project and government agency. We already developed mobile apps for panic alarm system for remote user’s notification. We do have verity of the duress alarm buttons for different type of requirements.

Receptionist's desks in building lobbies
Security stations and checkpoints.
Shipping/receiving areas.
Customer service counters.
Check-out counters and cashier's stations.
Rooms where cash or other valuables are received, processed, or stored.
Interview rooms / Enquiry rooms.
Executive office suites.
Places where confrontations with the public are likely to occur.