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ID Card Printing Service in Singapore

Cheap ID Card Printing service provider in singapore

Datamine is cheap ID card printing service provider in Singapore. We are specializing in Singapore ID Card printing service. We can design ID card for companies and do Printing ID cards. We provide following type of ID cards printing service.

Type of ID card printing service

Staff ID cards
Employee ID card
Photo ID card
Safety pass / Site ID printing
Gangway entry pass
Confined space entry pass
Membership Card
Gift card
Smart card / HID card
Student ID card
EA personnel agent ID card (Based on MOM requirement)
Agent ID card
Visitor pass ID card

Plastic ID card

Plastic ID card printing service including photo ID cards, Membership card, Staff ID cards and with adhesive back card for access card.

Background Color

The typical background color is white. Text is easier to read and photos show better when the background is white. Most PVC cards that IDs are printed on are white. Special order cards are available in custom colors. You must call or e-mail for pricing on PVC cards other than white. Generally speaking, the darker the background, the harder the ID will be to read.

Design Basics

There are two different styles of IDs available. One is horizontal and the other is vertical. Horizontal badges are typically placed in a wallet or in a badge holder. Vertical ID badges are more commonly worn around the neck from a lanyard.

Main Project Code Creation and Sub Code Creation under control user access when a project is started.

The most important parts of a photo ID badge are the picture, name, company, employee ID number and other critical information. Be sure you don’t make the ID badge too busy or fill it with too much text. You want the badge to be easily read. Darker text is easier to read and prints the best.

IDs can also include a bar code and a magnetic stripe. Data is often encoded into the magnetic strip or bar code for use at door entries, parking garages, company cafeterias and more.



Be careful not to use backgrounds or card colors that are too dark. You will also want to stay way from colors commonly referred to as “fluorescent” such as green, pink, orange and yellow. Make sure the card is as easy to read as possible. Be sure to take employee pictures in front of a white background. This makes the picture look better, blends more easily with the PVC card and is easier to edit if necessary.

ID card printing service price List (0.76mm or 30Mil PVC cards)

Standard one side full color$3.50 / Card
Standard one side full color (With out card)$3.00 / Card
Standard + Single color on reverse$4.50 / Card
Standard + Full color on reverse$6.00 / Card
MOM-EA Personnel Card$5.00 / Card
Cards Delivery within singapore$15.00

Add on

Slot Punching$0.30 / Card
Vinyl Badge strap Clips$0.20 / Card
Barcode printing$0.30 / Card
Magnetic strip cards$0.70 / Card
Badge Holders$0.70 / Holder

Download price list


Photo Requirements

Employee photos need to be in either JPEG (.jpg) or Bitmap (.bmp) format. JPEG is preferred. The higher the resolution, the better the picture on the ID will be. Try to be sure that no single side of the image is smaller than 200 pixels. Photographs should include the individual’s name (ie. xxxjon_doexxx.jpg), preferably with no spaces. The aspect ratio should be maintained for all images (aspect ratio in simple terms means all images need to be the same rectangular shape and size).

Once you have recieved the quote and approved the card art work, the printing service order will be placed. You will need to send us your photos, logos, etc. by e-mail at Any images, logos, or artwork submitted must be of high quality, preferably in .jpg or .psd format. (Your finished id card / photo id badge will only be as good as the graphics you provide.) Please note that additional charges may apply if we need to scan photographs or do any graphic artwork or photo manipulation.

After we receive all of your information, we will create, print, and deliver to you the finished cards within 1-3 business days.


Blank PVC and Magnetic strip card

Datamine have all kind of PVC card, Magnetic strip card, proximity card and RFID cards. We are sale cheap price and good quality products for more info call or email to us.

PVC ID cards:

  • 10mil PVC Cards
  • 20mil PVC Cards
  • 30mil PVC Cards
  • Color 30mil Cards
  • HiCo 30mil Cards
  • LoCO 30mil Cards
  • Adhesive Backed Cards
  • HiCo Magnetic Stipe Cards
  • LoCo Magnetic Stripe CArds
  • Proximity ID cards
  • RFID cards

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