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datamine e-Leave Module

Leave Management System

DM-LMS Employee Leave Management System streamlines communication between your HR and employees and facilitates simple yet efficient management of employee leave.


DM-LMS Leave Management ensures that all leave taken and leave requests are properly accounted for you. Your staffs can apply, approve and view leave records without the hassle and delay of going through the admin staff - it's all at your fingertips with anytime.

In addition to entering of leave applications and changes to them, the system also allows the entering of additional earning of leaves by employees, for example, by working on a public holiday. You can view the leave status of an employee by type of leaves.


You can also encase leaves to be paid at payroll time. The reimbursement of leave deductions due to late application of leaves can also be done.

Built-in leave types supported includes:

  • Annual Leave
  • Child Care Leave
  • Compassionate Leave
  • Sick Leave (MC)
  • Hospitalization Leave
  • Examination Leave
  • Marriage Leave
  • Maternity Leave
  • Paternity Leave
  • No Pay Leave
  • Home Leave

You can even define your own leave types easily. Each leave type has the following properties:

  • Leave type name and code
  • Paid or no pay leave
  • Need or no need credit to apply
  • Show or do not show in staff leave entitlement page
  • Maximum days per year

Leave Status:

This allows you to see the leave status of an employee for each leave type for which s/he is allowed. The status will be according to the latest month-end process. The details, with the unit of measurement of the leaves being according to that defined in the leave type, include:

Previous Carry Forward, Carry Forward, Earned Leave, Additional Earned, Spent Before, Spent After, Forfeited Month-to-date, Forfeited Year-to-date, Encased Year-to-date, Must-spend, and the Balance.

Year End Processing:

The updating of carry forwards is done when the month is last month of the fiscal period.

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