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Punch card machine & card printer accessories

Time recorder accessories, ID/PVC card printer accessories

Datamine is Singapore original and reliable punch card machine, time recorder machine accessories provider. ID/PVC card printer accessories also available. Amano punch card machine time recorder original time cards, two color ribbon available to purchase. Biosystem, comix, nibbo punch card machine ribbon and time cards available.

Singapore economic and reliable punch card machine accessories such as two color (BLACK/RED) ribbon, single color (black) ribbon, 10's slot time card rack, 25's slot time card rack, 50ís slot time card rack and quality time cards(6 colom and 4 colom).Also available Amano, Biosystem, comix time recorder original time cards and ribbon.We do have badge card rack for PVC card.

Datamine provide high quality ID card printer accessories. CR80 white PVC card, Magnetic strip Hi-co/ lo-co PVC cards, Adhesive back PVC card, Proximity card, EM clamshell card, Thin proximity card, MI-Fare card, HID cards and Evolis card printer YMCKO ribbon & monochrome ribbon available. Also card printer cleaning kits available. Datamine supplies Evolis Zenius, primacy, pebble4, tatto2, badgy card printer original YMCKO 5 panel color ribbons.Also avilable monochrome ribbons.

Punch Card machine/recorder Accessories

Time recorder Time Card Rack

10 slot Time Card Rack

25 slot time Card Rack

50 slot Time Card Rack

4 column Time Card Rack

High quality 10's Slot Time Card Rack.

ABS PVC high quality 25's Slot Time Card Rack.

PVC reliable 50's Slot Time Card Rack.

PVC material 4 Column Time Card Rack.

Time Recorder Ribbon

Amano BX2000 time recorder ribbon

Amano BX1500 time recorder ribbon

BioSystem time clock ribbon

Datamine time recorders ribbon

Amano BX2000 time recorder single color ribbon.

Amano BX1500, BX1600, EX3500, EX6000 series time clock two color ribbon.

Biosystem, comix, 626A&D, 917A&D, 525iA&D, BX2000D, BX3000D, BX3300A&D, iClock4A&D Yumi907, iclock6A&D two color ribbon.

High quality datamine time recorders two color ribbon for 620D, 710D time recorder machines.

Punch card time Recorder time/punch card

4 Column Punch Card

6 Column Punch Card

Datamine supply 4 column time recorder punch/time card cheap price in singapore

Datamine supply high quality 6 column time recorder punch/time cards in cheaper price.

ID Card printer accessories

CR80 PVC Card

Plain white CR80 PVC card

Thick/Thin proximity 125KHZ Card

PVC Magnetic strip hi-co/lo-co Card

PVC adhesive back card

CR80 white plain PVC card.

Thick/Thin PVC 125Khz/13.5Mhz proximity card.

PVC Hi-co/Lo-co magnetic strip white PVC card

CR80 PVC adhesive back white thin card

ID card printer ribbon

Monochrome ribbon

Pebble4 / Tattoo2 ribbon

Zenius printer ribbon

Primacy printer ribbon

Evolis monochrom ribbon for pebble4 and tatoo2 ID card printer.

Evolis original R3411 YMCKO ribbon for tatoo2 and R3011 YMCKO ribbon for pebble4.

Evolis YMCKO 5 color panel ribbon for zenius printers.

Evolis original YMCKO color ribbon for primacy printers

Printing Machine Cleaning Kits

Evolis printer cleaning kits

Pyramid PVC Badge Rack

Datamine provide Evolis cleaning kit for ID card printing machine.

Pyramid PVC Badge Rack 40 slots from USA Dimensions:22.5in(H)X0.5in(D)X8.25in(W)

Laptop/Desktop computer accessories

Computer Hard Disk

Computer Key Board

Power UPS

Computer Mouse

Laptop/Desktop computer hard disk in all size capacity.

Datamine provide all kind of key board as customer requrement.

Power backup UPS IT infrastructures. All capacity is avilable.

Wired/Wireless mouse for laptop/desktop computers.

Door Access Accessories

Door Access Power Supply

Contactless Exit Button

Power supply for door access system. Its come with battery backup. Avilable in 3A and 5A.

Contactless exit button for door access.

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