Datamine is Singapore cheap biometric time attendance software provider. We do have biometric finger print time recorder, face recognition time recorder, finger vein time recorder with time attendance software. All biometric time recorders come with time attendance (TMS) and Singapore payroll software. Datamine provide low cost biometric time recorder with time attendance software. Singapore biometric payroll recognize by all local bank (GIRO), IRAS and CPF board. For more details about biometric time recorder, time attendance software and Singapore payroll software, call us for products demo.

Datamine provide TWO type of time attendance software. One is windows based (Desktop) time attendance software and another one is Web based (online) Time attendance software. Datamine time attendance software can fully customize as your requirements. Both time attendance software are eligible for PIC government grants claim. Call us for more details.

The benefits of biometric employee identification are becoming more widely recognizable in the workforce management community. Recent studies have shown that the integration of a biometric solution into employee time clock terminals and software can help an organization to save up to 7 percent annually. By utilizing secure fingerprint recognition technology to eliminate buddy-punching as well.

Buddy-punching is the process of one employee inappropriately clocking-in or out for another. It is a problem that most organizations face today, but it is often difficult to establish proof of the dishonest conduct or to determine its financial consequences. It is estimated that up to 75% of companies lose money each year due solely to buddy-punching.

Among the most innovative new technologies in labor management is biometric time clock software and this new technology helps companies' management to taking care of scheduling more effectively and it is useful in helping employees clock in and out with practically no effort. The units are ideal for companies of all sizes.

Our time and attendance software easily integrates with popular human resources, financial management, and payroll software packages. A seamless electronic interface exports data to virtually any payroll package.

Our solution, designed in view of popular business requirements, is an innovative tool that increases companies payroll accuracy and reduces payroll preparation time, while providing valuable reporting that results in tangible cost savings and keeps your operations efficient and streamlined.

Therefore, by using fingerprint or card based attendance system to reduce time spent in non-core activities by employee while increasing the productivity. Avoid buddy punching and encourage punctuality using this true-data system.

Time Management System Features

  • Fast and accurate fingerprint verification
  • Cards not compulsory
  • Easy, interactive GUI
  • Daily attendance reports
  • Client specific customization possible
  • Seamless multi-location system
  • Use your existing infrastructure