Datamine IT Services Pte Ltd was established its operations in Singapore since year 2007. Datamine provides wide range of IT services in software area as well as hardware and also provides networking service such as design network infrastructure, installation, and configuration.

Our mission is to be a one stop IT solution for our customers. We strive to bring the best technologies coupled with the highest quality of service to our clients. Our intent is to build strong working relationships with our clients and to take a long term approach in every transaction that we make. Our business philosophy is to build partnership with our client, helping them to make use of IT for their competitive advantage.

Businesses today are focusing on optimization of one of their key cost components, i.e., the labor cost factor. Whether it is a service-oriented or a manufacturing concern, efficient human resource management and control translates into enhanced organizational productivity and also provides an objective basis for Human Resource requirement and planning for the future.

Our solution, designed in view of popular business requirements, is an innovative tool that increases accuracy, reduces preparation time and saving time for duplicate jobs, while providing valuable reporting that results in tangible cost savings and keeps your operations efficient and streamlined.

Our full line of biometric time clocks (fingerprint time clocks), RFID, Attendance Tracking Solution, Access Control and Job Costing solutions are designed to improve efficiency and reduce errors for your employee time tracking needs. These time and attendance solutions are easy-to-install and scalable as your company grows.

Besides, managers can easily plan, track, and analyze their employees' time and productivity. Many of the day-to-day management tasks can be automated so that employees have more time to focus on other responsibilities.

Our software also integrates with a wide variety of data collection terminals such as swipe card, PIN-entry, proximity readers and biometric devices to collect attendance data in real-time or one-time batch processing, depending upon your specific needs.