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PA10 Biometric palm, fingerprint door access system

Singapore latest biometric fingerprint, palm door access system

Palm recognition and fingerprint door access system

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PA10 is palm and fingerprint biometric door access system. PA10 Palm and fingerprint is hybrid biometric door access system. The palm verification includes palm print & palm vein therefore its not only contactless also support anti-spoof function. PA10 palm door access controller come with BioID fingerprint sensor for dry, wet and rough fingerprint scanning.

PA10 Palm and fingerprint door access controller is very small size and elegant design. PA10 Palm and fingerprint door access system come with touch keypad and RFID card reader module.

PA10 Singapore first palm and fingerprint door access system come with 2.4 color LCD screen and latest fingerprint scanner.

PA10 Palm and fingerprint biometric door access come with TCP/IP and RS485 for various communication and can be linked with 3rd party door access EM lock and door access accessories.

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Display2.4inch TFT LCD Screen
Palm Capacity 800
Fingerprint Capacity 3000
ID card Capacity 3000
Transaction capacity 150,000
Fingerprint SensorBioID sensor
Display Language English
Algorithm Version VX 10.0
CommunicationsRS232/485, TCP/IP, USB Host
Sensing Area18mm x 22mm
RF reader EM proximity card (Build in)
Access control interface3rd party EM lock, door sensor,exit button, alarm and door bell
Wiegand Signal Output and Input
Verification 1:1 Time <0.5 sec and 1:N Time <2 sec
Power Supply 12V DC, 3A
Standards Compliance CE, FCC
Operating System Linux
Operating Temperature 00C 45C
Operating Humidity 20% - 80%
Optional Functions ID/Mifare/HID card, Web server and POe


1 touch a second user recogition
Fingerprint reader with durable and BioID sensor
Stores 3000 templates, 3000cards and 150000 transactions
Integrated smart card reader
Build in USB port
Multi authentications (FP, Palm, PIN, card)
Multi Deployment (Standalone, LAN, WEB)
Tamper proofs switch, Anti-passback and alarm outputs
Audio-visual indications for acceptance and rejections of valid/invalid fingers scan and palm reading


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