Datamine is Singapore cheap and reliable ONLINE visitor management system software (VMS) provider.

Visitor management system is the recording and collection of visitor data, either manually or through automation, for the purpose of knowing who is in the facility, who they are visiting and how long they spent there.

Visitor management system, web registration, badging and tracking are key services to any security environment. By using the Visitor Management System to replace existing paper based sign in books or standalone proprietary systems, corporations are showing a complete commitment to security and safety.

Keyin or import visitor list in to system database. Once created the visitors information can be re-use. The system will be captured the visitor IN time, OUT time, visiting host and visiting purpose.

The DATMINE visitor management system able to capture / record the vehicle number (IU reading is optional).

After visitor registration can print out barcode label (Visitor label) for speed up the entry and exit process. Upon exit visitor badge barcode scanned and minimize guards computer interaction.

Browser based application can be deployed in cloud.Guard house only need embedded system running the Visitor Management System (VMS). Its reduce deployment and hardware cost and also needs very small space compare to noraml desktop computer.

Real time visitor activities at guard house can be viewed / monitored from remote site or main office. Also provide real time reporting of visitor IN/OUT. Multiple Branch offices can be share the visitor/contractor software / information.

Reduce data entry operation
No Desktop needed in guard house (Embedded System used)
Simple to use, no need special training for guards
Barcode scanning speed up the data entry and retrieval
Recall previously visited users or company
Quickly select visiting purpose like delivery, meeting,…
Report of visitors Log
Report can be generated for date range
Change of Guard does not need training