• Improving your network efficiency
  • Reducing your network complexity
  • Enhancing your network security, availability and reliability
  • Helping you keep up with the latest technologies and new-business needs

In today's ever-evolving business landscape, connectivity and collaboration play a crucial role in driving business success. It is imperative that you consistently assess your network infrastructure to ensure optimal performance. Your network should not only meet current business demands but also be prepared to accommodate future needs, all while maintaining cost efficiency.

Our comprehensive Network Design services will provide detailed drawings along with thorough explanations and recommendations tailored to your specific business or project requirements. These designs will take into consideration both current and future traffic levels, security needs, budget constraints, and compatibility with legacy equipment.

When you are in need of building a new network or updating your existing network to align with your growing business requirements, rely on Datamine IT Infrastructure's Network Design and Deployment services.

We cater to clients across a wide range of industries including production facilities, financial offices, hotels, campuses, and multi-tenant buildings. Whether you require a single line or a thousand lines, we guarantee top-notch installations, maintenance, and technical support.

Our Phased Approach

  • Conducting interviews with your key IT staff and business managers on-site to assess your business and technology needs.
  • Determining whether a site survey or network assessment is necessary.
  • Evaluating and providing a detailed road map, including your current network design, connectivity, and technology; server configuration, network applications, and security control procedures.
  • Addressing any shortcomings in the current design.
  • Determining ways to advance your network infrastructure according to the following considerations:
    • Reducing costs by ensuring that your existing equipment will be used as much as possible.
    • Balancing the requirements of your users and their applications along with those of your business objectives.
    • Selecting the appropriate technologies and standards.
    • Considering performance, reliability, availability and security needs.
  • Creating network design alternatives.
  • Assisting your key IT staff and business managers in deciding on the final design.
  • Preparing and presenting the new network infrastructure.

Special Network Infrastructure Design Services

  • High-Bandwidth LAN Topology Design
  • Intranet Design and Installation
  • Wireless LAN Design