Datamine is Singapore cheap biometric payroll software provider. Singapore payroll software integrated with biometric fingerprint time recorder, face recognition time recorder, finger vein time recorder and hand palm time recorder. Singapore payroll software is compatible with IRAS, CPF and Singapore bank GIRO. Datamine Singapore payroll is eligible to government grants PIC claimable.

Datamine Singapore payroll is come with online (web based) payroll. Datamine payroll software is integrated with biometric time attendance software (TMS), HRMS, online leave (E-leave), claims and reports. Payroll administrator/ users can access from anywhere and do payroll processing and approval. For more detail and products demo call us immediately.

Our sophisticated, comprehensive software packages make employers face as simple as a few keystrokes. DM-Pay payroll software enables you to eliminates your traditional payroll preparation procedures such as enter time sheets, calculate and print payroll checks and update all the financial, governmental and union required reports. Employees daily time attendance automatically comes from our TMS and user can able to make necessary adjustments.

Our payroll software offers you more control, reduce payroll preparation time, and at the same time provide flexibility in how you manage all of your payroll-related functions. Best of all, DM-Pay offers a payroll software program that is more complete, increase accuracy, reduce human errors, increase time saving and more cost-effective for your company payroll processes. DM payroll tools provide many special features such as:

Reduced Labor Costs: Eliminate the payroll errors and inflation that result from inaccurate or inconsistent data.

Increased efficiency: Automate your payroll processes and spend less time on data entry, corrections, and other administrative tasks.

More insight and analysis: Leverage the real-time data from payroll processing and put it to use in other critical management activities.

Deductions: These are picked up as totals from the transactions where the details have been entered.

Under-time Deduction: This will be calculated according to the schedule defined by you. You will be able to edit the hours before inclusion to the payroll.

Leave payment/Deductions: These will be picked up as totals from statistics produced by the month-end process where you will be able to edit the deduction amounts.

Casual Employee Payroll

DM-Pay support Casual Labor administration process. Simple Casual Staff Database with Time Management features included.

Casual Roster: Roster of Casual Staff with respective hourly rates can be prepared for attendance and payment purpose.

Casual Payroll: Casual Pay period can be set for any user define period and can be made payment accordingly. This enhances flexibility for casual staff management and payment.