If you are like many project managers, you spend a great deal of time and effort to get a handle on elusive project costs, DATAMINE Project Costing System makes it easy for you to make project allocation, pre assign project engineers to the respective project and with categories that are easily customized to meet any specification needed, and its flexible enough to manage large or small projects for any business environment.

Featuring streamlined integration with key DATAMINE modules, which is design and develop to reach down to the individual attendance inputs from time clocks, interpret them and calculate individual work hours, overtime hour and cost etc., in timely and accurate manner. Automation and making it easy for the process to allocate work hours to respective Projects, Calculating Actual Costs are done automatically to eliminate human errors to achieve efficiency and effectiveness. Our project costing puts you in control of project costs with better tracking, enhanced efficiency and greater accuracy.

Casual Employee Payroll

Customization: The project costing module can be easily customized to your business processes for maximum functionality and efficiency, ensuring consistent system use and reducing manual preparation.

Main Project Code Creation and Sub Code Creation under control user access when a project is started.

1.1 Planned Workers or Staff Assignment towards respective Sub Code for automation of Actual attendance data capturing from Time Management Module.

1.2 Actual Attendance data pulling from Time Management Module to Project Costing Module and input Manual Adjustment on Transfer Cases on a very user friendly window program interfaces.

1.3 Additional Other Project Cost capturing feature that allows you to capture any other costs other than labor cost into the respective project.

1.4 When Data Pulling and/or Other Cost inputs are done, easy printing of all the required Project Costing Reports and Analysis Sheets can be produced. The Key EDR/CDR Form can be generate from this module easily.