Card Access System Singapore

Datamine Singapore is offer a wide range of card access system for office, warehouse, lifts, restaurant, landed property gate, school and outdoor gate and door. Our selection of card access reader or biometric reader offers flexibility and customize to meet your specific requirements. We supply and install card access system for single door or double leaf door in your office or outdoor gate.

The Datamine card access system is equipped with advanced features including fingerprint scanner, face recognition, palm recognition, iris recognition, QR code reader and finger vein recognition. These cutting-edge technologies guarantee maximum security and convenience for all your access control needs.

We provide a range of card access systems suitable for both indoor and outdoor use in office building, condominium gate, outdoor office gate, and construction site office. Our systems feature waterproof IP65/IP67-rated readers, ensuring durability and reliability in any environment. The card readers can be easily configured to work with various types of card, including RFID card, proximity card, Mifare card, and HID card.

Our office card access system can be easily installed as a standalone or network-based door access system. We provide a multi-door access system with control software to enhance security measures. Whether you require access control for a single door or up to 100 doors, we are here to offer a customized and secure solution tailored to your specific needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

IP65 waterproof, dustproof resistant and IK04 vandal proof
Supports multiple RFID modules and up to 100+ card types (including, ID / IC / Felica / Legic / DESfire EV1 / EV2 / HID Prox / HID iClass / etc.)
Support 3rd party access control and integration.
Communication: TCP/IP, Wi-FI (Optional), Wiegand in&out, RS485 (for RS485 readers), OSDP (Ver2.1.7), RS232
Embedded intercom system for mobile access
Card access system with Face, Palm, IRIS, Finger vein recognition with card + PIN
Indoor or outdoor card access or gate access usage
Order to CARD + PIN for office card access system
Order to CARD + PIN for outdoor gate card access system with waterpoof
Order to Biometric FINGERPRINT + CARD + PIN for office door access and warehouse card access
Order to Biometric FACE + PALM + CARD + PIN for indoor office, lift and warehouse card access system
Order to Biometric FINGERPRINT + CARD + PIN for outdoor gate card access system
Order to Electric lock with CARD + PIN for outdoor GATE door access system
Order to Electric lock with Biomtetric FINGERPRINT + CARD + PIN for outdoor GATE/door card access system