Biosystem ETP20 Time Stamp Machine

The Biosystem ETP20 time stamp machine is a robust and reliable date and time stamp machine in Singapore. It offers the flexibility of setting multiple printing formats and allows for two to three-line printing. The ETP20 time stamp machine is suitable for use in various industries such as factories, hospitals, banks, and kitchens.

We specialize in supplying and installing Biosystem ETP20 time stamp machines for efficient date and time printing purposes. The ETP20 date time stamp machine is equipped with a black color ribbon for clear and precise stamping. We offer a variety of supplies for the ETP20 time stamp machine. For more information and pricing details, please do not hesitate to contact us.

1. Enhanced memory device. Keep the data in two years.
2. The perpetual calendar : Year up to 2099, Automatically adjusted to leap years,
31 day months and months with thirty or fewer days, and the day of week.
3. Two options for print direction, left and right.
4. Three options for print activation: Automatic, manual and combination.
5. Daylight saving time setting.
6. Provided eight digits serial number for choosing. And the maximum of nine times printing.
7. 29 types of printing format.
8. Selectable format and alphabets. At most 31 characters for print.
Offered capitalization/lower-case and boldface, for choosing.
9. Selectable printing format:Printing format of 2 digits or 4 digits optional,
optional sub-format printing 1/60,1/100,1/20,1/10.
10.Two languages options for print: English and Portuguese.
11. Four digits password for program protection.
12.Thirteen selectable preset text.
13.Could reset the printing schedule everyday for print *, at most 48 settings.
14.The machine may hang on the wall or the table.
15. Internal buzzer and external signals (optional).
16. Full power reserve (optional).
Power Source:AC 110V ~ AC 240V 50 / 60Hz
Power consumption:AC 110AC 50 / 60Hz 0.41A
Power consumption:AC 240AC 50 / 60Hz 0.2A
Dimensions:156mm(W)X 187mm(H)X 174mm(D)
Temperature:-5c ~ 40c
Humidity:40% ~ 80%