Datamine is singapore punch card time recorder machine provider. We do have Amano punch card time recorder, biosystem punch card time recorder machine, Comix punch card time clock recorder. Datamine is singapore economic biometric time attendance software and payroll provider. We are specialized in singapore punch card time recorder provider.

Datamine 710D punch card time recorder machine is most suitable for office, school and industrial.

Liquid crystal digital clock
2 colors by dot matrix 9 pin printer to show date and time
24 Sets of setting, color/ music / column to give maximum flexibility
Equipped with music melody and bell alarm with external connections
Detect to identify the front and back of card
Equipped with auto feed and eject card mechanism
Full UPS Power Back-up System
High speed, low noise
Perpetual calendar
Card Size(mm) 189*85.5
Dimension(mm) 196*120*227 (W x H x D)
Blue back light
Sensor with cover
Standby battery: 60 Mins (200-250 times)
6 column In / OUT print can be selected as auto shift or manual
weight 2.6Kg
One year manufacturer warranty