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DM Biopunch 888D punch card machine / Clock

DM Biopunch 888D Punch Card Time clock / Recorder

888D bio punch

Datamine provide traditional punch card time recorder / clock with biometric finger print verification.

Fingerprint attendance time card recorder that allows employees to clock in/clock out the old-fashioned way while ensuring company security with biometric fingerprint verification of employee time attendance.

How does it work? It works with regular time cards just like a normal time card recorder, but your employees also have to pass a fingerprint verification before it prints the time onto their cards. Because of the uniqueness of fingerprints, anyone who is not enrolled in the time recorder system will not be able to clock in or out with this unit.

Easy to use: This time card recorder is robust, with a large LCD display, yet is small enough to easily fit on the company wall or receptionist table. The initial setup is easy. Simply connect the AC power adaptor and follow the instructions in the manual to enroll all your employees. Then your company is ready to start using it. How? An employee inserts his paper time card into the punch-slot of the machine, scans his finger, and then the machine will print the current time onto his time card. If the employee is not enrolled, then the machine will reject his card and no time stamp will be printed.

Accurate and reliable: Each employee can only clock in or out once during each shift. An employee who tries to enter his fingerprint a second time after already successfully clocked in will trigger a warning message on the digital display. No time stamp will be printed to his card. This will eliminate “buddy clocking” from your company.

Low maintenance: Our Biopunch 888D Attendance Time Card Recorder does not need any network link or software, so you can forget about firmware downloads, network testing, corrupted record files, etc. Just plug it in and it will keep working, therefore allowing you to spend more of your time and effort on running your business.

Flexibility: Maybe fingerprint recognition is too complicated for your employees? Not a problem, simply turn off the fingerprint function, and it will function like a time card recorder without the biometric verification. You can also connect it to an external alarm bell, so it will remind your employees to start and finish work on time.

So no matter what businesses you are running, a workshop, a factory or an office, get a BG10 Biometric Time Card Recorder today - it will be the best investment you ever make!

At a Glance...

  • Fingerprint recognition
  • Compact and robust
  • Easy to use and manage
  • No software or network installation required
  • Can connect to an external alarm

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Benefits :

Liquid crystal digital clock
2 colours by dot matrix 9 pin printer to show date and time
24 Sets of setting, color/ music / column to give maximum flexibility
Equiped with music melody and bell alarm with external connections
Detect to identify the front and back of card
Equiped with auto feed and eject card machanism
Full UPS Power Back-up System
High speed, low noise
Perpetual calendar
Card Size(mm) 189*85.5
Dimension(mm) 196*120*227 (L x W x H)
White back light
Sensor with cover
Standby battery: 120 mins (200-250 times)
6 column In / OUT print can be selected as auto shift or manual
weight 2.6Kg

Warranty :

  • One year manufacturer warranty
Biosystem cards and ribbon

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