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Biosystem iclock 4A punch card machine / Clock

Biosystem iclock 4A Punch Card Time clock / Recorder

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Biosystem iClock4A is Singapore cheap and reliable punch card time clock. Datamine supply Biosystem punch card machine and accessories such as time card, punch card, time recorder ribbon, time recorder ink and spare parts.

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Model iClock4A
Diplay Analog
Maximum User 100 users
Colour Red & Black (2 colours)
UPS Battery Full operation after power failure
Card Slot Auto-In / Out
Card Feeding Auto deduct wrong side card insert
Card Type 6 Columns printing
Security Key
Melody Alarm music
External signal device (siren) Yes
ON / OFF Auto time synchronise
Memory Perpetual to calendar memory
Power Supply 220-240 50/60Hz
Dimensions: 193mmx244mmx123mm
Others 100 pieces time cards
Weight 2.4kg

Warranty :

  • One year manufacturer warranty

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