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S922 Portable/Mobile Biometric Time attendance System

DM-S922 Portable/Mobile Biometric payroll time recorder singapore

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Datamine IT service is Singapore cost effective portable/mobile biometric time attendance system/software provider. We have variety of portable biometric fingerprint, face recognition, finger vein, proximity time recorder to integrate with biometric time attendance system/software and Singapore payroll. Our time attendance system and biometric payroll software compatible with Bank (GIRO), CPF, IRAS auto inclusion. Singapore payroll can claim government grant PIC . Datamine TMS is most economic and user friendly software. Cost effective Biometric time attendance system come with unlimited employees and shift pattern. For more details and biometric time attendance system demo call or email to us.

The S922 portable/mobile biometric time recorder is a unique portable fingerprint time attendance terminal with a rubber coating. It is specifically designed for off-site time management, such as construction sites, logistic industries, large farms, and the mining industry.

Datamine S922 portable/mobile biometric time recorder Adopting a rubber coating process, its waterproof and dustproof efficacy reached an IP65 protection grade. There is a handle at the top of the rubber coating, which enables users to carry it easily. Above all the S922 portable biometric is shockproof (1m above the ground) due to its unique rubber coating.

S922 is come with TCP/IP and USB-host are standard communication modes. It also has options for GPRS, Wi-Fi and 3G (WCDMA) connectivity, which makes data management extremely convenient. The S922 portable biometric can be used in multiple authentications that support fingerprint, Proximity card or Mifare card.

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Display 3.5-inch TFT Screen
Fingerprint Templates5, 000 (Standard)/10,000 (Optional)
Card Templates 10,000
Transaction Storage200,000
Fingerprint Sensor ZK Optical Sensor
Algorithm Version ZK Finger VX10.0
Display Language English
CommunicationsRS232/485, TCP/IP, USB Host and WiFi (optional)
RF reader EM proximity card (Build in)
Power Supply12V 3A DC, Built-in Backup 7600 mAh Battery
Standards Compliance CE, FCC
Operating SystemLinex
Operating Temperature 00C 45C
Operating Humidity 20% - 80%
Dimensions225mm x 235mm x 125mm (H x W x D)
Optional Functions ID/Mifare/HID card, GPRS


Built-in 7600 mAh backup battery extends extra operation time
Communication via GPRS, TCP/IP, USB-host and optional with Wi-Fi and 3G (WCDMA)
IP65 rated water-proof and dust-proof protection grade
Shock proof (1m above theground)
Rubber coated protection
Support proximity, Mifare or HID card as optional features
Convenient carry case design


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