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Are you looking for a reliable biometric fingerprint time attendance system in Singapore? Look no further! Our cutting-edge technology ensures accurate and efficient time attendance system of employee attendance and online payroll software.

With our advanced biometric time attendance system, say goodbye to manual time attendance tracking and hello to seamless automation. Our innovative biometric time attendance system come with online based payroll.

Contact us now to learn more about how our biometric fingerprint, face recognition, palm recognition, IRIS scanning, Finger vein recognition with card access time attendance system can benefit your business.

Moreover, our cloud-based time attendance system features user-friendly mobile app that empower employees to conveniently update their information, request leave, and monitor their attendance records on the go. With accessibility across web browsers and mobile devices, our biometric time attendance systems offer unparalleled convenience and flexibility for both employers and employees.

Datamine offers a wide range of high-quality biometric time attendance recorders and RFID card reader, including proximity, HID, Mifare, and PIN. our biometric time attendance recorder are equipped with biometric fingerprint reader, facial recognition, finger vein recognition, palm recognition, and QR code reader. Mobile app with Geo-fence for use QR code to capture employee time in and out for attendance.

Datamine biometric time attendance system reader not only capture employees time in and out also can used for the door access system.

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Our Services

Biometric Time Recorders

Our comprehensive biometric time attendance system in Singapore, featuring biometric technologies such as face recognition, palm recognition, fingerprint scanning, QR code, and proximity card with online payroll software.

Human Resource Software

Our cutting-edge human resource management system based in Singapore, which operates on the windows and cloud based. This system integrates e-leave, e-claim, time attendance tracking, and online payroll services.

ID Card Printing Service

We are a reputable ID card printing service provider that caters to a variety of ID cards needs. Our services include printing staff ID cards, shipyard cards, EA personal cards, and more. high-quality, professional-looking ID cards and badges.

Punch Card Time Recorder

We are a leading supplier of punch card time recorders and clocks in Singapore. Punch card time recorders come with time cards, two color ribbons, and card racks. high-quality products come with installation services.

Biometric Payroll

Datamine is leading provider of biometric payroll software in Singapore. Our online payroll software is equipped with advanced features such as fingerprint, face recognition, finger vein, and proximity card reader capabilities.

CCTV System Singapore

We are a reputable provider of high-quality analogue and HD IP CCTV security systems. Our surveillance systems are suitable for use in homes, offices, and factories, both indoors and outdoors.

Visitor Management System

Singapore's premier visitor management system provider. We offer both online and offline visitor management systems to meet your specific needs. VMS allows for remote access from anywhere, making it ideal for businesses with multiple locations.

Biometric Card Access System

Our state-of-the-art biometric card access system designed for both indoor and outdoor use. This system features advanced fingerprint, facial recognition, palm recognition, and card access capabilities.

Mobile Apps Time Attendance

Cutting-edge mobile app for online time attendance software, seamlessly integrated with biometric readers. . This innovative solution offers a convenient and secure way to track employee attendance, ensuring accurate and reliable data collection.

Our Products