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SilkBio-100TC Face Recognition Time Attendance terminal

SilkBio-100TC Face Recognition Security Door Access System

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Datamine is Singapore cost effective and most reliable face recognition machine provider. Silkbio-100TC is multi biometric time attendance recorder. SilkBio-101TC comes with latest face recognition and SILKID fingerprint scanner. It’s more secure and fastest way to capture employees face and fingerprints. SilkBio-100TC can be used for door access security system. SilkBio-101TC come with ADMS function and time data can upload automaticaly to server via internet. SilkBio 101TC come with prevention of duplicated face registration and fake face detection function.

SilkBio-100TCis Time & Attendance and door access security terminal to be associated with SilkID fingerprint reader, face recognition and RFID/HID card access functions. With the new SilkID fingerprint reader, the operation remains stable under strong light source and high preciseness of verification of wet and rough fingers. With latest facial recognition algorithm and the innovation features, SilkBio-100TC is bringing you the whole new experience. Door access control interface system can link with Ebelco electromagnetic lock (EM lock), Break glass, push button and By-pass key switch.

Multi-biometric fast verification

Stable operation under strong light source

Infrared auto-turning on function to save power

Quick recognition of dry, wet and rough fingers

Multi-language supported

Prevents duplicated face registration and supports fake face detection function

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Face Capacity800
Fingerprint Capacity1500
ID Card Capacity2,000 (Optional)
AlgorithmZKFinger 10.0 / ZKFace 7.0
Record Capacity100,000
Display2.8-inch TFT Screen
CommunicationTCP/IP, USB-Host,RS232/485
Standard FunctionsWork Code, SMS, DST, Scheduled-bell, Self-Service Query,
Automatic Status Switch, Photo ID T9 Input, Camera, 9 digit user ID,
Built-in Battery, Multiple Verify Mode, External Bell
Access Control Interface forEM Lock, Door access Sensor, Exit Button, Alarm
Optional FunctionsID/Mifare, ADMS
Power SupplyDC 12V 1.5A
Operating Temp0 °C- 45 °C
Operating Humidity20%-80%
Dimension173.0×159.0×36.1mm (Length×Width×Thickness)
Net Weight490 g


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