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BSFace 601 Multi Biometric face recognition time recorder

BSFace 601 Face recognition time recorder machine

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Face series of multi-biometric identification time attendance products adopts Datamine latest BIO600 platform with Datamine face 5.0 and large capacity memory.

Face series integrated 630MHZ high speed Datamine Multi-Bio processor and high definition infrared camera which enables users identification in the dark enviroment.

The appearance of BSFace series are designed by Germany professional design company according to the view of human engineering. All operations BSFace device are designed to be finished on the 4.3 inches TFT touch screen .

Multi-model communications includes RS232/485,TCP/IP,optional WIFI or GPRS .Optional built-in 2000 mAh battery eliminates the trouble of power-cut.


Processor:Multi-Bio 600
Memory:256M flash, 64SDRAM
Camera: High Definition Infrared Camera
Display:4.3TFT with touch screen
Storage Capacity: Face:700 ID card :10,000 Logs:100,000
Back-up Battery:2000 mAh
Communication:TCP/IP, RS232/485
T&A functions: Extendable Scheduled-bell, DLST, Self-Inquiry,
Word Code, Short Message,T9 input, Webserver
A&C function: electric lock, door sensor, exit button, Wiegand output,
Optional functions: WiFi, GPRS, serial printer, Mifare/HID/iClass,backup battery
Power Supply:12V 3A
Verification Speed:<=2sec
Operating Temperature: 0C - 45C
Operating Humidity:20%-80%


Integration of Facial,RFID,and Password identification methods.
Elegant design according to the view of human engineering
4.3 TFT touch screen ,easy operation, fashionable and simple interface.
6 user-defined function keys
Extendable scheduled doorbell.
Simple access control function.
Webserver management software via IE browser.
Infrared optical system enables user identification in dark enviroment .
Optional built-in backup battery support extra 4 hours continuous operation if power cut.
Optional built-in wireless WIFI or GPRS communication
makes easier device installation without wiring.


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