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Fingerprint time attendance system with ONLINE Payroll

Biometric time attendance system with payroll software

Biometric time attendance system /software come with fingerprint time attendance recorder, face recognition time attendance recorder, Finger vein time recorder and proximity time recorder. Biometric time attendance system is more securely collect the employee’s time data and process. Biometric time attendance system / software come with ONLINE time attendance system and windows based time attendance system.

Fingerprint time attendance system can register office or factory employees finger to capture the time IN/OUT. Face recognition time attendance software can register staffs face and fingerprint in to the same facial reader. Facial time attendance system is a contactless and more security. Facial time recorder can used for door access security system also.

Time attendance system / software available in online system and offline system. All type of biometric time attendance system reader can be link with online payroll software also. Employees can able to view their attendance via mobile apps. Also payslip can view from mobile or online payroll employee’s portal.

All our biometric time attendance system is come with biometric machine and reasonable price. Our time attendance system can be used small to large company. Online time attendance can be linked with mobile APPS.

Biometric time attendance system / software

The benefits of biometric time attendance system is widely recognizable in the employees time workforce management. Biometric time attendance system can monitoring employees time attendance as well as job costing system. Also time attendance system / software can link BCA worksite manpower calculation.

Biometric fingerprint time attendance system / software can eliminate employee’s buddy punching. Also no need any accessories for biometric time attendance system. Biometric facial time attendance system / software store employees time IN/OUT on the time recorder machine and upload the time data via online or use USB to download.

Fingerprint time attendance system screen

Among the most innovative new technologies in employee’s time attendance management is use biometric machine to capture time IN/OUT. Online biometric time attendance system helps companies management to taking care of employees time scheduling more effectively. Online time attendance software can access from multiple site and locations.

Our time and attendance software easily integrates with popular human resources, financial management, and payroll software packages. A seamless electronic interface exports data to virtually any payroll package.

Our solution, designed in view of popular business requirements, is an innovative tool that increases companies payroll accuracy and reduces payroll preparation time, while providing valuable reporting that results in tangible cost savings and keeps your operations efficient and streamlined.

Therefore, by using fingerprint or card based time attendance system to reduce time spent in non-core activities by employee while increasing the productivity. Avoid buddy punching and encourage punctuality using this true-data system.

Biometric Time Management System Features

  • Fast and accurate fingerprint verification
  • Cards not compulsory
  • Easy, interactive GUI
  • Daily time attendance reports
  • Client specific customization possible
  • Seamless multi-location system
  • Use your existing infrastructure

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