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MT100-Mobile Time attendance Reader

MT100 Mobile fingerprint Time Attendance Recorder

MT100 mobile time attendance system

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MT100 mobile biometric fingerprint time recorder come with ONLINE time attendance system and payroll software. Mobile fingerprint time recorder come with 3G module and proximity/RFID/Mifare/HID module. From mobile fingerprint time recorder time data automatically uploaded to cloud or webserver.


Sensor:Infrared Auto-sleep optical sensor
Algorithem:ZKFinger VX10.0
RF Card reader:125KHZ Proxi ity card(optional 13.56MHZ Mifare Card)
Finger Print Capacity:1200
Card capacity:3000
Log capacity:50,000
Communication: USB
Operating Temperature: -10 c ~ 40 c
Power supply:5V,800mA
Battery:2000mA Lithium Battery
Net Weight:0.22kg
Protection Rate:IP65


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